Streetfest 2011

Following the incredible success of Stokes Croft Streetfest 2010, plans are under way for a new, improved Streetfest 2011. It is expected that Streetfest 2011 will concentrate on the growing sense of community that increasingly defines this area that challenges convention, and remains independent, creative and culturally thriving without corporate intervention.

Likely date of the 2011 Streetfest is May 21st, subject to support from local businesses and community.¬†Details to go live v. soon. Volunteers and participation will be central to the success of this great addition to Bristol’s festival Calendar.

Below: The Bear Pit proved its potential as a venue last year by hosting live bands all day.


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2 responses to “Streetfest 2011

  1. anna hurl

    i would like to book a stall at the bear pit (horse fair) 2nd clothes stuff bric a brac books etc i used to have a stall at the magpie sometimes
    let me know

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