The event is nearly here…

…and we have a few special announcements:

  • Lakota will be closed and so we have moved the Lakota after party line up to Coroners Court next door, and added a Silent Headphone Party outdoors. The daytime event in the car park  is unaffected and there will be signs and stewards for directions.
  • Tesco’s on Cheltenham Road won’t be open/opening for the festival, its official. Before you all sigh about the lack of convenience there are plenty of other stores, cafes and restaurants throughout the area, as well as a number of delicious food stalls around Kings Square, Coroners Court and a World StrEat Café in the Bear Pit.
  •  There is still a street drinking ban that is in place across Stokes Croft so if you’d like a beverage please do so only within the licensed venues and Coroners Court outdoor area where there is a bar. Please drink responsibly and look after for yourselves and each other.
  • There will be portaloos around Kings Square and Coroner’s Court as well as public toilets in the Bear Pit. You are also welcome to use facilities within any of the music venues participating which are all free to enter until 6pm. Please don’t be grotty and pee elsewhere as its not nice for residents. There are facilities –use them.
  • We have also had to work hard to gain licenses and permissions for all the outdoor stage areas and really want the event to go well so that we can do it again next year. So unfortunately we cannot add any unauthorized areas, stages or systems at this late stage, as doing so could jeopardize the event’s future. Please don’t spoil it for everyone by staging your own after-parties… please come and enjoy what’s already been planned. If you fancy throwing a party for next year let us know and we’ll get you involved in our plans but it’s too late for this year.
  • If you are a local resident with concerns please get in touch with us directly so that we can take action. We’ll be keeping noise to a minimum and finishing at 6pm/9pm but call us if you feel it’s disturbing you. There will also be a number of friendly informed stewards and security throughout the area.
  • We have to clean up ourselves and we’re not being paid, so please help us out by not dropping litter. Let’s keep our streets clean and leave no trace.  If you see volunteers picking litter up feel free to help and feel the love.
  • We’re on a shoe-string with the daytime event costing £14,500 to put on. To keep the day free this money is raised through after party and raffle ticket sales plus donations so please chuck your change in the buckets and help keep it free.
  • Huge thank you to all everyone who has helped make this possible including volunteers, businesses, people who have lent equipment, and performers who are playing for free as well as helping promote it. You’re wonderful each and every one of you. Massive thumbs up to the council and police who have greatly supported us in helping make this amazing event happen.
  • Streetfest is about celebrating and showcasing what a wonderful place this really is, so leave any negativity at home and bring smiles and sunshine. Let’s look out for each other and have a wonderful day!

Many thanks and we are so excited about seeing each and every one of your beautiful faces.

P.S. Don’t forget your fancy dress.

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