What a day!

Stokes Croft Streetfest 2011 was a resounding success which attracted over 8000 people for a day of positive fun-filled celebration. Members of the community, music lovers and families alike enjoyed the festivities and friendly atmosphere which continued into the night without incident. It was fantastic to see the recent troubles in the area put aside and everyone coming together to support local trade and talent and join in the celebrations.

There were over 160 performances of live music, street theatre, DJs and cabaret from local artists which were highly successful, as well as over 35 participants in the hugely popular Crofts Dog show which saw stunning thoroughbreds alongside unique pooches full of character. Rosettes were worn with pride as their owners enjoyed the street games, craft stalls and food markets.

It was great to see local businesses getting the level of traffic they deserve as everyone enjoyed the event and packed out every venue on the street. New customers discovered the delights of the area’s attractive cafes, bars and restaurants, offering anything but off-the-shelf experiences.

The festival was planned by members of the community from many different backgrounds with many different beliefs and ideals, and was a shining example of how collaboration and celebration can bring everyone together. A special thank you goes out to the police for their huge support as they helped ensure the festival’s success and donning flower garlands were welcomed by the public. Also the council and street cleaning team who provided recycling points and cleaned up after those that didn’t use them. Over 100 volunteers worked tirelessly for hours to make the event happen, without whom none of this would have been possible at all; you are all true super stars with massive hearts and there are many people with lots of love for you. And the final thank you goes out to all the artists, performers, workshop leaders, programmers and businesses that made donations; your contributions meant we could stage the event for free and keep it an inclusive, welcoming festival for all and so we hope you’ve gained new fans and wish you all the best for the future, as Stokes Croft returns to the vibrant place it is.

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