Aims of the Event

Stokes Croft is in the process of transition, and is rapidly emerging as Bristol’s Cultural Quarter, despite facing well documented and long standing social and economic challenges. It is now home to a broad and diverse range of individuals and organisations, including many artists, creatives, students, voluntary and community sector organisations. As a major thoroughfare into the centre of the city, many thousands of people travel through Stokes Croft every day.

This one day festival (preceded by a week of a broad range of publicly accessible activities such as redecorating, litter picking and repainting the area, free workshops and classes, and open days), is a celebration of the unique nature Stokes Croft.  It brings together, in a celebratory atmosphere, the many people who live, work and play here, raising the profile of the positive aspects of Stokes Croft, the art and creativity, the inclusivity and diversity. By highlighting and celebrating the artistic, creative and, crucially, inclusive nature of Stokes Croft we challenge people’s historically negative perceptions of the neighbourhood as a dangerous and chaotic place, thus raising the positive profile and reputation of the area.

Stokes Croft Streetfest is comprised of an eclectic mix of activities, events, performances, street theatre, art installations, indoor and outdoor markets, animating the area’s open spaces, such as Kings Square and ‘the Bear Pit’, in order to showcase and highlight the area’s active community groups,  creating a positive, safe and inclusive atmosphere.

Street chess in King’s Square.

An early public consultation (in Feb 2010) to share ideas for a festival was well attended (around 70 people attended of whom most have pledged their support in making the festival happen); many local businesses (including almost all the club venues in Stokes Croft) are actively supportive and dedicated to making this event a success.

Our intention is an accessible and enjoyable, multi cultural experience for people of all ages bringing the area’s varied communities together to raise the reputation of Stokes Croft, and to create an enduring legacy, improving both the physical environment and the public perception of this fascinating and unique part of our city.

The Bristol Festival Community Group. (BFCG) Registered Charity no 1124722, in partnership with The Peoples Republic of Stokes Croft (PRSC) and members of the local community.

The Bristol Festival Community Group  

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