THE HOTLINE for emergencies, noise complaints or if you can’t make your volunteering shift is 07837 753639
Please call this number so that we may assist you as this is the ‘red phone’ in the site office for the festival.

To get in touch email getinvolved (at) stokescroftstreetfest (dot) org (dot) uk or CLICK HERE.

Stokes Croft StreetFest 2011 is taking place on May 21 and is organised and run by volunteers who do it for the love, fun and warm fuzzy feelings!
We need hundreds of volunteers to make this happen.

To register an interest in becoming a volunteer, Click here.

If you would like to have a stall at the event (non food/drink e.g. clothing, arts and crafts, jumble) please download the form: Stokes Croft Streetfest traders pitch booking form. Alternatively feel free to email us if you’d like the form in word format. If you would like to have a catering stall at the event please email traders (at) brisfest (dot) co (dot) uk or CLICK HERE.

Thanks for your support.

17 responses to “Contact

  1. becca

    hello, i know its really late to get involved but i am part of a can can troupe and wondered if we could perform somewhere on the day or at night or both, all free of charge of course. let me know we can be there. thanks becca

  2. Julie Davis

    I was wondering if it would be possible to have a stall selling costume jewellery I would donate 10% of my takings and of course pay for a table.

    Look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Kind Regards


  3. mike

    hello , im a hous dJ and play ReggAe too. i have a sound system and lighting, do u need anthing to make your giigg a lil more aWESOME…

  4. Jen

    Hi, Just wanted to say thanks for such a great day. Lots of my friends who have never been to Stokes croft before due to its less than salubrious reputation came along and had a fantastic time, in fact they are coming out there again next week! You should be very proud of yourselves…

  5. Hi I wondered how to go about holding a stall selling my handmade t-shirts this year?! Also would be interested in discussing the possibility of designing the t-shirts for you this year as it is a great souvenier for the people of Bristol to take home with them.

    Sam Francis
    dirty graffix
    Custom Tee Design

  6. Do you need jolly music for these days!!!??

    VAMOS! wants to sort it out!


  7. We are filmmakers that run workshops and record live events. The Butterfly fx have worked at Sunrise celebrations and Southern lights festival .We have our own solar power and tent.

  8. Matt

    Hello. We are putting a house and breakbeat night on in take 5 cafe on 21st May, Free entry! It would be great if you could put a listing in your programme. We are only a small night and if there is a charity you would like us to collect donations for in return for the listing, that would be fantastic.
    Look forward to hearing from you.

  9. Soul Fi would still love to play. We’ve got a really fresh sound guarenteed to get people dancing and would love to be representing the stokes croft festival. Hope you can find a slot for us 🙂

    • Hiya,

      The line up is full Im afraid, however we’ll definitely bare you in mind for next year or if there are any drop outs this year.
      However, there is a busking/open mic area in the Bear Pit… feel free to take your instruments and pop along and play!!

      Nice one xx

  10. We’re still looking for traders so do get in touch if you want to have a stall!

  11. Hi,
    my name is Pav, I am an author of the Turbo Island sculptures. I am wondering, if there is a chance to bring some leaflets about my art work.


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